Reflections, achievements and learning 2011-

1. I won the age champion at the school athletics carnival for the 12 years age category
2. I made lots of friends at school and I had a really fun time at the yr 7 camp with my peers
3. I got a 3 merit certificates at the end of term 2
4. I was really happy to get really nice, helpful, passionate teachers who I have enjoyed learning from
5. I had a good time cheering at the school swimming and sports carnival for my house team, Arakoola

Goals for 2012-

1. Continue to make lots of new friends at Kincoppal Rose Bay
2. Appreciate the enviroment around me and learn to realise that the glass will always be half full!
3. Study every holiday break and keep on top of my school work and assignments

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I would have liked to have disected an animal in science and I would have liked to do more music ace and keyboards in music. I think that instead of learn2learn, our class of yr 7 should have had a free period where we could have studied or worked on our homework/assignments.
My goals were not achieved for 2011. I set out many goals but not many of them actually worked but I am still very happy with the goals that I have completed and I believe that it will take time to achieve all of my goals.
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